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Blue, Grey, and Green Bin Interior Wash Service — Serving Guelph Ontario



Our Story

Sani-Bin Inc. was launched in April 2014 in Guelph Ont.  We are a small family business that offers residents and commercial customers the opportunity to be environmentally wise, save time and not have to deal with GROSS waste bins!

We have designed and built a mobile bin wash trailer that uses a five stage filtration system with very hot water and vinegar.

We have a very easy 1-2-3 registration process!

1. Register
2. Pick your program and pay
3. We take care of the rest

Why waste another week and hundreds of litres of water? Sign up today for your own affordable and time-saving SANI-BIN program, say “Goodbye to Gross“!

Sani-bin Truck and Trailer
Sani-Bin Carts on Lift Up