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Blue, Grey, and Green Bin Interior Wash Service — Serving Guelph Ontario


Frequently Asked Questions about SANI-BIN

Why do I need my bins cleaned?

Garbage, organics and recycling bins are all very susceptible to accumulating sticky grime, perfect for germs and bacteria to grow. You, your family, friends and employees are constantly interacting with these bins, contaminating their hands, clothing not to mention breathing-in the foul odours they give off.

The SANI-BIN system with high-pressure hot water wash and disinfectant spray removes debris and grime while killing bacteria and leaving you with a clean and odour free bin — all at an affordable price. Having your bins serviced regularly by SANI-BIN gives you peace of mind and helps protect you household and business environment from bacteria and stench.

How do you get the bin interiors clean?

SANI-BIN brings a self-contained water supply to your locations which is fitted to a high-pressure heated pressure washer capable of cleaning at 4000 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch).  Our nozzles have been specifically designed for bin interior cleaning and the wash water is captured in a basin which then drains back into the self-contained system where it is filtered several times before being used to clean the next bin.  The combination of hot, high pressure water, vinegar and our unique recapture system allows us to clean the inside of your bins better and more efficiently than hosing out your bins in the driveway.

Do you clean the outside of my bins?

No, SANI-BIN’s primary focus is removing and cleaning the build-up of debris and neutralizing odour-causing bacteria on the inside of your bins. For most customers, the exterior of the bins are easily maintained regardless of whether they are stored inside or outside. Any filth is quickly and easily removed by rinsing with just a little water from your rain barrel or a quick spritz with the garden hose.

How often will my bins be cleaned?

We follow a routine schedule that sees your bins cleaned monthly in the spring and fall.  Every visit sees the green bin or composting cart cleaned and deodorized and either the recycling (usually blue) or the garbage cart (usually grey) cleaned on an alternating cycle.  Commercial clients have additional service level choices available where we will clean your bins as often as weekly, ideal for busy restaurants or industries.  You can see our sample schedule here.

What makes SANI-BIN environmentally wise?

SANI-BIN takes the environment very seriously! We meet, and where ever possible exceed, minimum requirements to ensure our environment comes first, we have kids and drink the water too!  For example, we use only environmentally wise cleaning products and with our water recycling and filtering system, we save upwards of 100,000 Litres of water considering most people use their cold water hose to clean their bins.

You claim to save water, how?

With our uniquely designed water recovery system, SANI-BIN is able to clean over 300 residential and commercial bins with just 200 litres of water. The average person using a hand-held hose will use over 100 litres of water to clean just one bin.

How do I pay?

Signing up for SANI-BIN is simple and straight forward.  Whether you will be purchasing a seasonal program or a one-time wash, you first need to create an account on this website and sign in.  Once you have done this, just make the appropriate selection for the service you would like, pay conveniently online with your credit card and then we do the rest, allowing you to say “Goodbye to Gross!

Do I need to do anything for you to clean my bins?

Short answer, Yes.  As we can not clean a bin that has garbage or materials in it, our cleanings are done on your regular collection day after the city has been by.  Therefore, we require you to leave your bins at the curb on your regular collection day until after 7pm or until they have been cleaned.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

I use Hotmail and don’t get any email about my order or service!

Unfortunately, Hotmail (and Outlook.com) have extremely aggressive spam blocking tools that sometimes block legitimate email, such as order receipts and cleaning reminders from Sani-Bin. To solve this problem, you must add the “sanibin.ca” domain to your safe sender list by logging into Outlook.com and following these steps:

  1. Sign into your hotmail or outlook.com webmail with your web browser.
  2. Click the gear icon in the top right beside your name.
  3. Click “Options” on the drop-down menu.
  4. Under “Preventing Junk Email” click “Safe and blocked senders”.
  5. Click the “Safe Senders” link.
  6. In the box titled “Sender or domain to mark as safe” enter “sanibin.ca”.
  7. Click the “Add to List >>” button.
  8. Confim “@sanibin.ca appears in the list on the right, if so you can return to your inbox, if not try adding again.
  9. Return to your inbox by clicking the “Outlook.com” logo in the blue bar, top left.

Once these are complete, you should then receive all future mailings we send out. Remember, Sani-Bin will never sell your email address or contact information with a third party for marketing purposes.

Still have questions?

As a new service option to your home or business we know you may have more questions than are addressed here.  If so, please send us an email with your question and we will get back to you within 24 hours.