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Blue Grey and Green Bin Interior Wash Service — Serving Guelph Ontario

Affordable Programs or One-time Service – Home or Business

Sani-Bin offers four service options, two for home owners and two geared to businesses.  All options include the hot water and vinegar wash to the interior of the bins.

All packages also include curb-side service, on an easy predefined schedule (based on your collection day and week). Our one-time washes are by appointment and are perfect for periodic cleaning (and real estate agents).

Pro-rated Residential Seasonal Programs


We have several seasonal program variations to choose from, tailored so that at least one meets the majority of residential needs. Whether you have a basic setup of three bins, an income-suite with a second set of bins or a larger family that needs that extra green, blue or grey cart.

Did you know? You can also save on your seasonal program if you opt to bag your green waste! Non-bagged green waste results in significant accumulation of debris which then translates to solid waste disposal costs.

Pro-Rated: As the season progresses, the package rates drop to reflect only the remaining washes in the season. That means you don’t pay for months (washes) that have already gone by if you opt to join mid-season. Seasonal packages are sold from April 1 – August 24. September and October are included in the seasonal programs regardless of purchase date. 

  • Home Monthly Packages
  • Prepaid Pro-rated Season
    • Various Options for Various Households
    • Hot Interior Wash & Vinegar Rinse
    • Grey & Blue Alternating + Green
  • Home One-time
  • from $15.00
  • Residential One-Time Bin Wash
    • Hot Water Wash (Inside Only)
    • Charge Per Bin
    • Scheduled Appointment
    • Service: Until October
  • Book Now
  • Commercial Monthly
  • Call
  • Customized Commercial Program
    • Hot Water Wash (Inside Only)
    • Custom Quote / Charge Per Bin
    • Eliminate Stinky Bins
    • Service: Until October
  • Get Quote
  • Commercial One-time
  • Call
  • Commercial One-Time Bin Wash
    • Hot Water Wash (Inside Only)
    • Custom Quote / Charge Per Bin
    • Eliminate Stinky Bins
    • Service: Until October
  • Get Quote
  • Rush Wash Service Available
  • $25.00 Flat Rate*
  • Residential or Commercial. Flat Rate Service Call Surcharge + Wash Rate.
  • Available as an Add-on to One Time Wash Programs Above.
    • Hot Water Wash (Inside Only)
    • Service Within 24-hours
    • Request Cut-off 12 Noon
    • Bin(s) Must be Empty
    • No Ongoing Committment
    • Available April - October
  • Available in May

* Plus cost of one-time per bin wash.

Before purchasing, please read our complete Terms and Conditions.