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Blue Grey and Green Bin Interior Wash Service — Serving Guelph Ontario


Home Monthly Program – Guelph

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IMPORTANT: Bins that have had non-bagged pet waste including feces, kitty litter or bedding materials (rodents, rabbits etc.) WILL NOT be accepted for cleaning.

Home Monthly Program
Seasonal Residential Bin Interior Washing Service

Overview: A subscribed address in Guelph is visited ONCE per month during the duration of the program between April and October. Your GREEN bin is washed every month PLUS ONE of the other colours (grey or blue) in rotation month-to-month. Example

Sani-Bin’s Seasonal Home Monthly Bin Washing Program is designed for residential homes in the city of Guelph. There are different program levels to choose from based on the number of bins you have.

How it Works

The Home Monthly Program is a monthly bin interior washing service charged for the full (or pro-rated remaining period) “season”  in advance.  Our cleaning season (cleaning services) run from April to October with bin interiors being cleaned on a monthly rotation based on your municipal collection schedule. We visit subscribed addresses ONCE each month in the season.  Therefore: two (2) of your three municipal bins are washed in a one-month period:

  • Your green (composting) bin(s) interior area is washed with each monthly visit
  • Your blue and grey cart(s) will have their interior areas washed on a revolving basis (blue one month, grey the next month etc.  See the sample schedule here). Homes subscribing to programs with more than the standard three bins will have the same c
  • Bins must be empty (have been collected) to be washed, which is why your specific wash day will be your collection day
  • Bins must be at the curb when our crew arrives or the visit will be deemed ‘non-serviceable’ and cancelled without credit.  One reschedule per season without prior notice is permitted at our sole discretion.  Ensure your family members, children and neighbours know not to bring your bins away from the curb on wash day. If you know you are going to be away, or have otherwise missed the garbage collection that week, please call or email to reschedule before we attend.

Program Levels

  • Basic – Perfect for the majority of residential customers with 1 green, 1 grey and 1 blue cart
  • Double – Is suited for residential customers with 2 green, 2 grey and 2 blue carts (i.e. generational families or homes with an income suite)
  • Green Plus – Ideal for residential customers with 2 green, 1 grey and 1 blue carts (i.e. inspiring chefs, larger families etc.)
  • Extra – Designed for residential customers with an extra blue OR grey bin (1 green, 1 grey, 1 blue cart  PLUS 1x grey OR blue)
  • Supreme – For residential customers that have BOTH an extra grey and extra blue cart (1 green, 2 grey and 2 blue carts)

Bagged v. Non-bagged Green Bin Surcharge

  • If you bag your green bin waste (i.e. “kitchen catchers” or whole-bin liners) then the surcharge does NOT apply
  • If you do NOT bag your green bin waste (scraps are dumped loose into the bin) regularly then the surcharge APPLIES and must be added when signing up
  • Collection of debris on the first wash of the season does not require this surcharge (frozen/broken bags or converted from non-bagged to bagged waste
  • This surcharge is now required to off-set the increased costs in cleaning time, water contamination and filtration costs, and solid waste fees increasingly encountered by Sani-Bin
  • The non-bagged waste surcharge is also pro-rated as the season progresses

Program Details

  • Perfect for the majority of residential customers – just choose the desired program level as explained above
  • Season subscription fee is pro-rated as season advances to account for reduced washes
  • Only flat-rate one-time bin washing is available for September and October (Season program sign-ups end about August 25)
  • Washing services take place from April 1 through October 31 (freezing weather excepted – late spring or early fall adjustments)
  • Cleaning day is the same day as your municipal pickup day (and moves in accordance with the City’s holiday pickup schedule)
  • Compost bin(s) interior cleaned monthly, recycling and garbage bin(s) interior cleanings rotate bi-monthly

Pet Waste Restriction

Bins that have had non-bagged loose pet waste (feces, kitty litter and/or bedding materials (rodents/rabbits)) will NOT be accepted for cleaning.

Multi-Residential Units

Great News! Living in an on- or off-street townhouse development or other multi-residential building? We are now servicing your bins! Sign-up and be sure to include your unit number. Property Managers: interested in Sani-Bin for your whole complex? Call us at 519-830-4453 to discuss your multi-residential solution or ask for your quote.

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