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Blue Grey and Green Bin Interior Wash Service — Serving Guelph Ontario

Recycling Bin and Garbage Cart Interior Washing Service

Serving the City of Guelph

High-pressure Curb-side Bin Interior Washing

SANI-BIN provides bin washing services to both residential and commercial garbage, recycling and composting bins. We clean the insides of residential municipal collection carts on your choice of an Annual Program or on a per-bin one-time wash basis. All our commercial services are custom quoted, request your quote here.

We can also clean Acorn Waste Services green plastic industrial bins and similar privately-owned commercial wheeled bins.

  • Service is available April 1 through October 31 only due to freeze restrictions
  • Each bin interior is washed with pressurized HOT water at 4000 PSI and then drained (exterior is not washed)
  • And then a vinegar spray is applied on the entire inside of the bin and lid
  • Wastewater is captured, five-stage filtered and reheated to wash again – we wash many bins on little water
  • Debris and non-hazardous waste water is disposed of per regulations

Program Details

Home Program

Washing services are provided on a monthly rotation from April through October.  Additional Options include Home Plus for homes with a basement apartment or granny flat that has a second set of bins. Additional bins can also be purchased for a nominal fee for the season.

The following schedule is an illustration of a typical seasonal wash cycle, yours will vary based on collection schedule and collection day.

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  • April (Season Start)

    Green Bin + Blue Bin
  • May

    Green Bin + Gray Bin
  • June

    Green Bin + Blue Bin
  • July

    Green Bin + Gray Bin
  • August

    Green Bin + Blue Bin
  • September

    Gray Bin + Blue Bin
  • October (Season End)

    Blue Bin + Gray Bin

Residential One-time Washes

Our one-time washing service is booked and charged on a per visit basis.  We do not attend to your location on a schedule, you call to book an appointment when you feel your bin interiors need cleaning.

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Commercial and Industrial Bin Washing Services

The SANI-BIN commercial and industrial bin interior cleaning and sanitizing service is ideal for both your small office recycling bins and large garbage and recycling carts (maximum size: 360L). All our commercial services are custom quoted as the number, frequency and condition of bins vary widely between business activities.

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