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Blue, Grey, and Green Bin Interior Wash Service — Serving Guelph Ontario


Terms and Conditions

By purchasing a seasonal package or one-time wash, I have read and agree to the following terms:

Home Seasonal Programs

Home Programs are an annual commitment and due in full at time of sign-up.

Home Program rates are pro-rated after season start-up (May onward) and are based on remaining washes left before the season ends on October 31.

Home Programs are not offered for new sign-up on or after August 25. Current one-time, per bin wash rates apply for September and October washes.

Home Programs includes all three (3) core bins; green monthly and either blue or grey on a revolving bi-monthly basis PLUS any additional bins as specified in the program description being purchased.

General Service Provisions

All services are provided April 1 to October 31 only and are subject to weather conditions. We reserve the right to delay season start and shorten season period in the events of late sprint or early winter onset. There is no winter service as we do not use anti-freeze in our wash system for environmental reasons.

Missed washes for absent bins (bins not at the curb on wash day) will only be credited or rescheduled at our sole discretion. Sorry, if our crew was there and your bins were not, we consider the service rendered. Ask your children, family members and neighbours to please leave your bins at the curb on cleaning day. You will get an email on the Sunday of your cleaning week, each month.

Rescheduling requests will be accommodated, at no extra charge, with a minimum 24-hours notice before your scheduled cleaning day for travel, vacations etc. Please call or email with your request for more information.

Only the interior of the bins are washed and sanitized, not the exterior.

Bins being washed must be empty on arrival.

Fees and Taxes

Same Day Service ChargeĀ  of $25 is a flat-rate service charge per address per occurrence, not per bin. (Example: Two bins, one-time wash, same day will be $15 + $15 + $25 + HST).

All prices are in Canadian dollars. Errors and Omissions Excepted (E&OE) at our sole discretion.

All prices are subject to the addition of 13% HST. Taxes will be applied automatically at checkout on recurring and one-time charges.

One-time and Commercial Services

One-time washing services are priced “per bin” and are available only during regular announced service months, and refer to a one-time visit only (non-recurring).

Commercial services are custom priced “per bin” tailored to bin size, cleaning frequency and degree of soiling.

Limitations and Exclusions

End result of each bin cleaning is subject to condition of the bin before cleaning. Sani-Bin expressly disclaims any dirt or residuals left after cleaning due to gouges, splits, cracks, stains, sealers, paint and the like.

Bins that have had non-bagged pet waste including feces, cat litter, and animal bedding (rodents / rabbits) will NOT be cleaned. Please bag all pet waste using compostable bags per municipal direction. This applies to all carts in any waste stream.

We reserve the right to refuse cleaning of any bin that has excessive debris build up or that otherwise creates a dangerous working environment for our team. Examples include multiple inches of organic waste, severe infestations or any condition that puts the structure integrity of the cart or bin in question (splits / cracks / missing pieces).